Some names of antique golf clubs and their modern equivalent (written in 2022 - things will change!)

Driver= Driver

Brassie = 3 wood

Spoon= 5 wood

Cleek = 2 iron

Mid-Iron= 5 iron

Mashie= 7 iron

Mashie-Niblick = 9 iron

Niblick= Wedge (of varying lofts as required)

Above are the most common types of c.1900-1920 hickory golf clubs. 

In older eras these terms were mainly used

18th and 19th century


Scraper= 3 wood

Spoon= lofted wood

Cleek = longest iron

Middling iron= middle iron 

Lofting Iron= 8 iron

Rutter= wedge (of varying lofts as required)

A hickory shafted Driver

A hickory Brassie Wood (3 wood)

An example of a hickory cleek

An example of a hickory "mid-iron"...about a modern 5 iron

An example of hickory mashie (modern 7 iron equivalent)

An example of a hickory mashie-niblick (like a modern 9 iron)

An example of a niblick (a modern wedge)

A hickory putter