Hickory Golf Days
Hickory Golf Days

Organising a Hickory Golf event? Here's what you need to know...

What is "Hickory Golf"?
Hickory Golf is a term that has been used for about 20 years for playing golf with wooden shafted golf clubs. Hickory is the type of wood used for the shaft and it originates in the american carolinas. 
When were hickory shafted golf clubs used?
In 1929 the R&A changed the rules so that metal shafted clubs could be used in competitions...so to historians of the game the hickory era lasted up until 1929. 
I'm thinking about holding a hickory golf event...how can you help me? 
I can provide 55 playing sets of hickory golf clubs...50 right handed sets and 5 sets for left handers. All the clubs are genuine vintage clubs and date from between 1890 and 1929. 
What constitutes a set?
In the hickory era a typical set consisted of six.  This is what each player will be provided with. Typically it comprises a wood, a mid-iron (5 iron), a mashie (7 iron), a mashie-niblick (9 iron), a niblick (SW) and a putter. Many of my sets have an extra wood or even a jigger!
Do you provide bags?
Yes, each set is provided in a slim leather carry bag. 
How much does a bag of clubs weigh? 
The clubs together with the leather bag weighs about 3.5 kg (about 9 lbs)....ocassionaly players choose to decant the clubs into their own bags and use powered trolleys...that's absolutely no problem with me. 
What do participants have to provide?
They need to provide their own tees and balls. A softer ball, such as a ProV1 or a Noodle works best, but participants can use whatever type of ball they wish. 
What about breakages?
Should a club break that is entirely at my risk. Breaks do occasionally happen but the clubs are surprising strong; after all they've lasted 100 years!
Are they difficult to use?
I've done about 80 events over the last 13 years and I've had the whole range of responses from particpants. It is fair to say the clubs are harder to use than modern clubs....I say to people that if they score within 10 shots of their normal game they've done very well. Think of it this way...you wouldn't get in a sports car from the 1920s and expect it to perform the same as a modern one. But you will be able to drive it quite competently. Holding a hickory golf event is all about travelling back through time to uniquely experienceing what golf was like all those years ago...and most importantly to have fun! To that end I highly recommend Texas scramble type competitions; these allow players of all standards the best opportunity for enjoyment. 
What else do you recommend?
Encourage dressing up and award prizes for it! Some people hate the idea of dressing up...others simply can't can't wait to don period looking clothes...dressing the part really does bring out the fun element....and those that didn't bother always end up saying "I wish I had made an effort now..."
Do you provide vintage style clothes?
No. Just use your imagination or raid your local charity shop!
So how much do you charge? 
If the event is within about 2 hours drive of Warwickshire (where I live), I charge a flat rate of 650 GBP. This effectively buys me and the clubs for a whole day.
If the venue is more than 2 hrs drive away (one way) give me a call to discuss options.
I will happily give a talk on the history of golf and explain about the clubs ... 20 mins for this in a lounge area before play commences works well...though I can expand or contract the time to suit you. For this reason I also recommend shotgun starts. The means everybody receives all the information at the same time, starts at the same time, finishes at the same time, and allows everybody the chance to congregate in the bar or lounge afterwards to witness the prize giving and swap stories of their unique round. 
As part of the flat rate price I also provide two genuine antique hickory putters ..these are usually awarded as prizes for best dressed lady or gent....but it's totally up to you what you do award then for.  
Anything else?
Having a side putting competition on a practise green has also proved very popular over the years..sometimes the prize putters are used for this and I can happily advise what works best. 
Ok, what's next?
Simply drop me an email or give me a call on 07708 661 659 ( if you're within the UK). 
I'm committed to making every event I do a storming success!

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